International Conference on Biological Sciences and Biotechnology

Agenda Kegiatan
2018-08-02 00:00 - 2018-08-05 00:00

The current progress in the field of biotechnological innovation offers possibilities for research development in multiscope of biological sciences from agriculture, forestry, natural resources, health, medicine and conservation biology. Biotechnology offers new tools to improve and enhance human life expentancies with their environment, as well as to conserve, evaluate and utilize other aspects in related to human benefit. Fundamental sciences such as molecular biology, genetics, physiology, microbiology and biochemistry play important roles in supporting practical and applied sciences. Therefore, integration of disciplines into research and development is essential. To accomodate the integrative efforts, a conference is held to share the development of research innovation and application of those fundamental sciences around the world. The conference will invite notable keynote speakers for discussing the current selected topics from their research background and experiences along with researchers, educators, experts and practitioners within the field of biological sciences. Also, continuing the succesful conference last year (The 3rd ICBSB), the committee are hoping to facilitate a good academic atmosphere during the conference as well as inspiring the young researchers and interested observers to be involved actively in the progress of biotechnology and biological sciences.


  • Facilitate and share scientific information, research development and experiences in the field of biological sciences and biotechnology and
  • Establish networking among researchers, research institutes, stakeholders and interested observers


"Research development and application in biotechnology for natural resources sustainability"

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  • From 2018-08-02 00:00 to 2018-08-05 00:00